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Test Escape Reports

We just had a big launch at work, which of course leaves me thinking about test escape reports. Continue reading

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Become a Better QA

TweetWhat do you do to become a better QA? It is easy to get distracted by the rush of every day work as a tester. Over time, you get practice and your skills develop and you progress. But it seems … Continue reading

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What I've learned about Agile Testing

TweetI started on an agile team last August. In the past few months, I’ve be exposed to a wide range of agile-ness as we have learned to adapt it for different projects and struggled to make it work for us. … Continue reading

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Top QA blogs listed

TweetTestingminded listed the top 100 QA blogs here.  There are a ton of good blogs out there and it is great to see some centralized lists. Here are the top 5:  Make sure to  check out his page to … Continue reading

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Write bugs that get fixed

TweetIt seems simple enough- find an issue, file a bug, wait for it to be fixed. The tough part should be finding the bug in the first place, but sometimes it isn’t. 1- Time constraints. When deadlines loom, the team … Continue reading

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Article in TEST!

TweetI have an article in this month’s TEST magazine called: Keep the User in Mind. You can find it on their website here, but I will paste the text below, also. Also in the March issue, they are running the … Continue reading

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TweetNow that choosing a new team member is complete, it is time to formalize goals for the QA department moving forward. When I started here, QA was a footnote to the development process. The engineers ran unit tests and the … Continue reading

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The Worth of a QA team

when it comes down to it, a QA is the only person on the team responsible to the user. Continue reading

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QA jobs: resumes and interviews

TweetI am currently hiring for a part time QA position and have been doing some research on other people’s experience on the process of resume screening and interviewing.I recently read a great post by Eric Jacobson on what a good … Continue reading

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Manual Testing Tips

There are always more bugs to find. Continue reading

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